Last projects


Construction of 12,5 km 2 lane road and 2 nos. bridges with the total length of 84 m.


Construction of 38 km 4 lane road and 3 nos. bridges with the length of 65 m, 73 m and 88 m.


Construction of 22,5 km 2 lane road and three spans bridge with the length of 53 m.

Zhovtnevy Sugar Factory

The Sumy region has traditionally been one of the leaders in the sugar industry of Ukraine. In 2016, AKELIK invested in the “Zhovtnevy Sugar Factory” and a large-scale project involving modernization of production facilities.

Back in 1882 the first sugar factory was built in this region. Already in 1903 the enterprise was one of the leading industries in the Russian Empire. In 1913 - 18,000 tons of granulated sugar were being produced per year, and in 1928 - 20,000 tons., The factory was rebuilt after its destruction associated with the fighting in 1943.

Rich history of the factory, traditions of sugar production, fertile lands and hard-working people - all these elements under the guidance of Akelik company produce expected results. In 2017, Akelik implemented a number of projects to develop and modernize the factory:

  • Signed contracts with agrarians for the supply of more than 200,000 tons of sugar beet;
  • Starting in spring, contracts with the Akelik company allowed enterprises to plant 7,000 hectares of land;
  • The material and technical resources of the factory have been modernized;
  • The transportation system and infrastructure facilities have been repaired.

In 2017, the factory plans to receive more than 35 thousand tons of sugar, about 10 thousand tons of molasses and other processed products.

Thanks to AKELIK investment activities, the local and state budgets have already received tax payments from the “Zhovtnevy Sugar Factory’s” production activities, new jobs have been created and the infrastructure of the factory and adjacent territories has been improved. All this contributes to improving the living standards of the inhabitants of the entire region.

Nowadays, as a result of AKELIK mutual cooperation with local entrepreneurs, authorities, in addition to significant investments, the “Zhovtnevy Sugar Factory” has production facilities capable of processing up to 3000 tons of beets per day. Convenient geographical location - just 30 km along the motorway to the city of Sumy, a developed transportation system - its own railway branch, and established trade links with local agricultural enterprises - all this contributes to the successful operation of the factory.

AKELIK aims to bring production to a new level of quality, as well as to provide sales channels for manufactured products through the sale of sugar using export. Country’s trade surplus is affected by the export trade, and even a small share of each export producer can contribute to improving the economy of the state.

“Zhovtnevy Sugar Factory” is one of the first ones on the AKELIK investment plan, which is aimed at the comprehensive development of Ukraine’s light and heavy industry. We are looking at various highly profitable industries across the country with the goal of investing in them, and furthering the development of selected areas. We invest in “today” to get a quality result “tomorrow”.