Last projects


Construction of 12,5 km 2 lane road and 2 nos. bridges with the total length of 84 m.


Construction of 38 km 4 lane road and 3 nos. bridges with the length of 65 m, 73 m and 88 m.


Construction of 22,5 km 2 lane road and three spans bridge with the length of 53 m.


AKELIK is implementing various construction projects in civil construction, infrastructure, commercial and residential development. The company has a wide experience in the construction of roads in the cities and localities ranked at the highest complexity level, using modern technology and the latest innovations - we have built roads in very difficult terrain, on the marshlands. We have worked on road and bridges, highways, hydraulic and melioration structures, water supply and sanitation systems projects.

Main activities are:

  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Road-surface treatment, surface mat-forming treatment
  • Construction and reconstruction of hydraulic & reclamation systems
  • Construction and reconstruction of water supply facilities & sewerage systems
  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings

According to the received licenses, AKELIK has permission to build roads from 1 to 5 categories, including intercity roads, highways and roads of local importance, but not limited to these only. Roads are built strictly according to the requirements of SNIP, AASHTO and EU Codes.

The company has completed the construction of two projects (Gusar-Enig-Laza and Jalilabad-Masalli) of category 1B, in which the roadbed is 27.5 meters wide, and the asphalt is 21 meters wide. Most of the implemented projects belong to the 2nd category, where the roadbed is between 12 to 15 meters wide, and the width of the asphalt is between 8 - 9 meters.

According to the received licenses, AKELIK can develop the construction of reinforced concrete bridges, metal bridges, overpass bridges and utility bridges with a span from 12 meters. AKELIK has experience in the construction and reconstruction of reinforced concrete bridges, road bridges, urban and special purpose bridges (for pipelines, canals, cables, etc.). Most of the constructed bridges are built according to the national standard NK-100 - bridge load.

Commercial and residential construction is one of the priority areas in the company’s activities. AKELIK specializes in the construction of non-residential facilities (offices, shopping centers, industrial buildings, etc.) and residential real estate. The company’s activities are related to the reconstruction of existing buildings or land plots also. AKELIK participated in the construction and reconstruction of schools, hospitals, and social facilities. The company has successfully implemented large-scale projects in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan etc. The AKELIK projects include the construction of the company’s main office in Baku (the building has 6 floors, a total area of 4000 square meters, a building height of 21.5 meters) and the completion of the construction of the Azersu Office Tower.