Last projects


Construction of 12,5 km 2 lane road and 2 nos. bridges with the total length of 84 m.


Construction of 38 km 4 lane road and 3 nos. bridges with the length of 65 m, 73 m and 88 m.


Construction of 22,5 km 2 lane road and three spans bridge with the length of 53 m.

About company

On September the 6th, 2018, the Board of Founders of ALKE Insaat Sanaye ve Ticaret OJSC decided to carry out structural changes in the company.

The main event was the decision to gradually increase the authorized capital of the company to 100 million US dollars (to date, the authorized capital was 33 million manats), the legal address was transferred to the company's Business Center, the name of the company "ALKE Insaat Sanaye ve Ticaret" OJSC was changed to OJSC "AKELIK GROUP". The next stage was the approval of the new Management Board of the company. In the process of voting, Suleiman Babayev was unanimously elected Chairman of AKELIK GROUP.

AKELIK GROUP is one of the most respected and experienced construction companies operating in the region.

From the very beginning AKELIK GROUP success has been based on high standards set for each implemented project, regardless of project size or investment amount. The experienced management of the company is able to quickly and accurately estimate costs, schedule jobs and ensure that projects are completed to the highest international standards.

Through its local branches AKELIK GROUP also implements projects outside of Azerbaijan, in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Georgia. Our established relationships with local and international architects, engineers, vendors, subcontractors and governments give us an unrivaled ability to support our clients in achieving their objectives locally and worldwide.

To become an important player in the international construction arena, AKELIK GROUP constantly participates in the important bidding events held in regional countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Belorussia and Moldova.

Our values

As an international organization at AKELIK we make decisions and operate based on the core values that embody our company mission.






We believe in the courage to be a leader and in the integrity to deliver excellent projects. We expect each employee in our team to be capable of embracing and driving change. We welcome the leadership and courage to shape a better future.


We hire and cultivate the talent that shapes success of our company. We value integrity, accountability, passion, leadership, expertise and focus on success. The international projects of our company create opportunity to develop vibrant company culture, to seek and provide earnest feedback, to encourage diversity and to nurture success through collaboration.


Achieving the best outcomes requires highly effective, lean and fast moving organization. We shape success of our projects by collaboration, leveraging collective genius, meticulous preparation at the initial stages, constant improvement and update of our standards and detailed quality testing. We strive to create value and make a difference through our projects.


We understand that with great projects comes great responsibility. Everything we do relies on our responsibility to co-create a world where each of us, the communities where we work and the environment can flourish. We explore new ways to bring value to the local communities and environment where we implement our projects to ensure that safety and development goals are met fully.


International experience

We are one of the most experienced and respected construction and development companies in the region. The geography of the projects implemented by our company covers most of the countries in the region; the partner companies include commercial and government entities, and world renowned international financial institutions.

High quality

Quality of our work is our priority. Wide range of works that AKELIK has implemented in the past allowed it to gain expertise in achieving success in the finalized projects, to improve control over quality and to introduce innovation to ensure high quality of final constructions.

Diverse expertise

Participation in different local and international arenas has allowed AKELIK and its team to gain experience and expertise in diverse construction and development projects. The company and its team have a wide experience in construction of bridges, highways, hydraulic and melioration structures, water supply and sanitation systems.


As a company we work in different regions, on different projects and with different cultures. The goal of our company is to bring value with our work; we have demonstrated it continuously in our previous projects by improving local economies and creating new jobs. It is important for us that we bring new opportunities to the local communities where we work.